Draft NAWMP 2003 Update

The North American Waterfowl Management Plan (Plan) Committee has embarked upon the 2003 update of the Plan. The original 1986 Plan encouraged regular updating of the document, considering changes in external conditions and in scientific advances affecting waterfowl populations. This was done previously in 1994 and 1998. As with past updates, we are looking to partners for input into this process. To that end, the first draft of the 2003 Plan document is available for your review and comment.

The current draft reflects the Plan Committee's belief that, to ensure a robust future for waterfowl, we must maintain the Plan's existing core principles and build upon, refine, and strengthen its biological foundation at the continental, regional, and local scales. The Plan Committee intends for the 2003 document to be comprehensive, combining the core elements of the 1986 Plan and the 1994 and 1998 updates with guidance for addressing the issues and conditions of the 21st century.

We ask that you offer your views and recommendations on this draft. Your comments and recommendations will be compiled by a team of U.S., Canadian, and Mexican scientists appointed by the Plan Committee and brought before the Plan Committee for consideration. Following appropriate revisions to this draft, and possibly further consultation, writing of the final 2003 Plan will begin. It is expected that a final draft will be completed early in 2003.

The Plan Committee welcomes any comments you may have on the draft 2003 Plan. In particular, we hope you will consider the following questions as you review this draft document:

1. Does the 2003 draft document position the Plan for continued accomplishment, improvement, and success for the next 5 to 15 years?

2. Do the continental population objectives and geographical and populations priorities in Section IV and Appendix B provide meaningful guidance for future waterfowl conservation action, within the limits of existing information? If not, please indicate preferred objectives, priorities, or perspectives, along with any supporting references or documentation.

3. Do the roles and relationships of the Plan Committee, joint ventures, and other institutions and partners involved in delivery of the Plan described in Appendix C increase the opportunities for Plan partners to cooperate and share scientific information and management findings?

4. Are there significant direct or indirect accomplishments of Plan partners since 1986 that are not captured in the draft that should be included? If yes, please provide an outline of those accomplishments, along with any documentation that may be appropriate.

5. Does the approach for model-based strategic planning and evaluation for waterfowl conservation, described in Appendix A, provide meaningful guidance to regional conservation efforts? Do you see any benefits of this approach for "all-bird" conservation?

Please direct your comments to the Canadian Coordinating Office identified below. We would like to receive comments on or before October 15, 2002. Your efforts in helping us to establish a strong foundation for waterfowl conservation in next century are greatly appreciated.

Draft NAWMP 2003 Update

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